Haunted Mines

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Haunted Mines
The Haunted Mines.jpg
人数 5 vs. 5
  • Mines are filled with minions
  • When all minions are killed, Grave Golems are summoned
  • The strength of the Golems are based on amount of minions killed


Far from the Cursed Hollow, on the very borders of Raven Court, lie the Haunted Mines. Sealed beneath a shadowy graveyard, the undead endlessly clamor to be released from the mines that serve as their earthen prison.[1]

Haunted Mines is a 5v5 battleground with two levels. Inside the underground dungeon, this map's unique objective allows teams to summon huge Grave Golems to smash through enemy defenses.

There are two lanes in this map above ground at the edge of the map. All of the objectives are between the two lanes. In each lane, there are entrances into the mines which contain winding tunnels with a large central boss room.


  • 地上

Haunted Mines1.png

  • 地下

Haunted Mines2.png

Unique objective[編集]

Players will need to kill as many creeps underground as possible in order to summon a stronger Grave Golem than their enemy team.

Underground mines[編集]

The underground mines feature a total of 35 skeletons, dropping 2 Skulls each, and one neutral Grave Golem creep, dropping 30 Skulls. This allows for a total of 100 Skulls to be collected, with the total usually being split between the two teams.

Players will fight over killing the creeps in the mines in order to summon a stronger Grave Golem than their enemy. The mines will be the location of many fights due to the nature of competing over creeps kills underground. At the same time, the threats of above ground pushes requires players to pay close attention to the movement of the enemy team.

Grave Golem[編集]

When all of the creeps in the mines are killed, after a short delay, a Grave Golem will be summoned for each side, in different lanes. Each Grave Golem's strength is dependent on the amount of Skulls the team collected in the mines. At the start, the Golem spawns in its team's base. It will walk down the lane smashing buildings and enemies until it dies. After a certain amount of time, the creeps will respawn underground. The next time the Grave Golems spawn, they will start right where they died last time.

Secondary objectives[編集]

There are three mercenary camps and one watchtower on this map.

Mercenary camps[編集]

Players will find two types of mercenary camps on this map alongside the Grave Golem. Mercenaries captured by a team will only attack down the lane opposite from that team's Grave Golem.


There are two watchtowers on this map. They are located between the knight camp and each of the siege giant camps, and grant vision of adjacent camps.


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