Dragon Shire

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Dragon Shire
Dragon Shire.jpg
人数 5 vs. 5
  • Capture the Sun and Moon Obelisks to enable the Dragon Altar
  • Channel on the Dragon Altar to turn into the Dragon Knight
  • The Dragon Knight is incredibly powerful


The lush and deceptively peaceful gardens of Dragon Shire have grown over time, covering the once-molten realm known as Dragon Spire. Beneath this verdant paradise, the ancient power of the dragons was sealed away . . . and their descendants have neither forgotten nor forgiven the trespasses of those who wronged them.[1]

Dragon Shire is a 5v5 battleground with a bright and colorful castle setting. The Dragon Knight lies dormant in the Dragon Altar at the center of the map, and teams must capture the two obelisks at the top and bottom of the battleground to receive his power.

There are two lanes on this battleground, with an obelisk near each lane and the Dragon Altar located in the center of the map, closer to top lane. One watchtower at the center of the map covers most paths through the jungle, giving you vision of enemy movements and rotations. Mercenary camps are located very close to each team's forts, which makes it difficult to take an opponent's mercenaries.

The Dragon Altar at the center of the map remains locked until one team captures both the Obelisk of the Sun and the Obelisk of the Moon. Once captured, the altar unlocks for that team only, and a hero can channel for a short period on the altar to become the Dragon Knight. The Dragon Knight form lasts for a couple of minutes and grants the hero a massive power boost.


Dragon Shire Map All.png

Unique objective[編集]

Illidan tries to capture the Obelisk of the Moon.

The unique objective revolves around several strategic positions on the map.


There are two obelisks located on the map: the Obelisk of the Sun above top lane and the Obelisk of the Moon below bottom lane. When a team captures both obelisks, it unlocks the Dragon Altar located near the middle of the map. Obelisks can be taken back by the enemy team to lock the altar again.

Dragon Knight[編集]

Once the Dragon Altar is unlocked, a hero can channel on it for a short period to become the Dragon Knight. Because it's a channeling effect, the transformation can be broken by damage, so the hero must be protected. The Dragon Knight is a powerful unit that lasts for a couple of minutes and can destroy enemy forts with ease. Defeating the Dragon Knight will end the transformation early, so teams have to focus on him to either prematurely end the state or extend it as long as possible.

Secondary objectives[編集]

There are five mercenary camps and only one watchtower on this battleground.

Mercenary camps[編集]

Players will find all three kinds of mercenary camps on Dragon Shire:

  • Camps of Knights and Siege Golems are located on each team's side, between their forts. These camps are very easy to defend and take for their team's side due to how safely they're positioned.
  • A Grave Golem is located below the Obelisk of the Moon at bottom lane.


There is only one watchtower on Dragon Shire, located below the Dragon Altar at the center of the map, close to bottom lane. The watchtower provides vision of most of the paths through the forest, allowing the controlling team to keep tabs on all enemy rotations.


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